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We make sleep the most luxurious experience

A fresh face and optimistic feel, all comes from sleeping well? Right ?? Mattresses are your best buddy most of the time. When you have mood swings the most comfortable zone is relaxing on a mattress and having a sound sleep.

Considering today’s life, Raxstar mattresses are designed as per the customer’s requirements meeting the highest quality standards, sustainable and comprehensive range of tests to ensure that comfort and feel.

We continue to blaze the best mattresses trail, an ever-growing range of sleep products, where happiness is all around.

You will never go wrong with our mattresses.

In today’s stressful world, while we are juggling work, home, and family, we sometimes forget that we need to focus on the one sole requirement, besides food, that our bodies need to function is sleep.

Keeping this in mind we always strive to improve our customer’s experience and enhance their relationship with Raxstar products, we always make sure to strike that perfect balance between the latest advancements in technology and the customer’s needs.

Our aim is not to sell sleep products, but to connect with our customers and customise products based on precise requirements. We got your back, thus, engaging individuals, have a blissful sleep.


We know we are unique. We have the vision to make every sleep comfortable where individuals express definitions of comfort.


We are committed to crafting personalised sleep solutions for the generations offering a Pan-India distribution and manufacturing network with the best turnaround capabilities.