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Our Story

Make your nap time ‘ extra ‘ special – that’s what we, at Raxstar, are obsessed with. We care about you and your comfort. Everything we do, from sourcing the material’s unique and smart technology straight from our warehouse, to researching on the right combination, to multiple layers of processes or quality checks is the only solution centred around providing the best sleep memory foam products to your doorstep.

How it all began – Did you know that we spend an average of life on a mattress? So, think about how important it is to invest in the right mattress more than our Smartphones for sure.

Lack of innovation in the orthopaedic mattress is not new for us. Where you can buy a mattress online in India, at the best rate with the best quality. We did some real work on different materials to solve the problems that standard mattresses cause and create the best mattress globally.

We decided to sell it online and through ourselves to drop middlemen and sell to millions of people, helping improve their lives. The goal was to make a mattress that was better than anything else in the market.

What we believe is that the comfort of sleep in your life is an important part and one should not compromise. We believe in excellent customer service to be at your aid 24/7.

Raxstar being a prominent and promising leader in this era for mattresses is looking forward to serving its industry of experience in providing the best mattresses across the globe. Our team of experts have developed an extensive range of innovative products, designed to improve the mattress quality for lower back pain with the best grade quality. Today every person is busy with their schedule and it gets difficult for them to have a good sleep too.

It’s not just about having the right mattress or pillow. How we sleep and what products we use daily for sleep is equally important. We aim to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep and stay Happy, Healthy, and above all, sound.